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    Capability needed by ELP class can roughly divide into 3 mainpoints...

    1. CRITICISM based on LOGIC DEPLOYMENT based on EXAMPLE with basis filled to DISCERNMENT, or PERSUASIVE Power

    2. CLEAR and EFFECTIVE COMPOSITION essay, report, presentation

    (Therefore, it is not taken into consideration in grading which position you take to a problem.
    Instead, these are evaluated which supports your opinion well; the basis to show by you is suitable and fits with the contents well.)

    3. Excellent English operation capability
    (ex. variation of vocabulary, usage, and syntax. use of idiom)

    (In addition, these capabilities are also needed in an employment test.)

    You said that command of English is uneasiness for you, therefore I suggest you the most effective thing as a measure; that is, PREPARING the concrete example supporting your opinion, and a basis beforehand about various topics.

    If even these are done, the almost of all lessons of ELP is OK; however since essay, academic reaction paper (ARP) are insufficient with these preparation, therefore I also suggest you some advices below:

    In essay and ARP, after your position is decided and a basis is prepared, smooth and logical deployment is next needed.
    I suggest you the template which I have used in ELP class.

    Introduction (3 or 5 sentences, NOT too be long! If you do, then sentences might be lengthy and tedious!)

    You might start with these sentences in academic reaction paper and essay...

    The argument that (restate the conclusion or opinion of author which you are noticed) omits some important concerns that must be addressed in order to assess the validity of this argument.

    The conclusion of author that (restate the conclusion of author) is based upon assumptions that seem to be unsupported.

    The opinion of author that (restate the opinion of author) is logically weak.

    It is necessary to certainly (that is, you MUST) begin Body in the language showing the composition of a text, for example...

    Primarily, First,(第一に)
    As a matter of fact(実際のところ)
    Most importantly(最も重要なことに)
    In fact(実際に)

    For example(例えば)
    To illustrate(詳しく説明すると)
    For instance(例えば)
    It is because(なぜなら; Do NOT use only the word "because"!)
    As shown((by以下)に示されるように)

    In addition(さらに)
    Another factor to consider(他に考慮すべき要素は)
    Futher support is provided by((by以下)をさらに論拠として)

    Using the previous evidence as a basis, it can further see that(前述した論拠に基づいて、さらに言えることとしては)

    Conclusion (3 or 5 sentences, NOT to be long!)
    All things you have to do is to conclude your opinion; therefore, you can use these words with biginning of the text:

    In summary(要するに)
    In conclusion(結論として)

    With using these techniques, you can write essay and ARP with the template below...

    The first paragraph
    You summarize the author's conclusion briefly and you describe shortly why the basis is unsupported.

    The second paragraph
    You attack the most important assumption of author.

    The third paragraph
    You attack another assumption of author.

    The fourth paragraph
    You summarize your and make mention of the method by which a writer's opinion may be strengthened.

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